Why You Should Not Rule Out Wedding DJs

b14d73a7-2496-4f7a-bd34-eed5a8bca212For many couples, wedding DJs are a no-go and they end up paying significantly more for live acts. Although live performances bring a unique element to the wedding, they are restricted to a particular genre. On the other hand, hiring a DJ gives you room to experiment. If your predetermined playlist isn’t working, DJs can save your day by mixing it up. The stereotype that DJs are loud and obnoxious and can only play loud club music is the reason many talented wedding DJs are crossed off. Experienced wedding DJs can certainly ensure that your guests have a good time.

Personalise Your Wedding Music

Wedding DJs can operate by themselves, but if you prefer picking your own music, you can have your own playlist played without anyone interfering with it. There is not much room for personalisation in live acts as wedding bands have certain items prepared and having them play a song they haven’t prepared can end up being a disaster.

All Genres Covered

DJs can play all genres. This gives you the chance to add variety to your wedding music. On the other hand, if you hire a solo violinist, you’ll be asking your guests to listen to a single instrument for four to five hours. Even if you’re a big fan of violin, don’t assume the same for the others. Having a DJ means there’s something for everyone. S why not look into music management from Medusa.

Wedding DJs are not just about pop and rock music, and you most certainly shouldn’t confuse them with club DJs who only have a particular set of songs. Although a good DJ knows his audience and can play at any event, wedding DJs have the experience of playing at ceremonies and are aware of what keeps a wedding audience interested.

Open to Suggestions

If you’re hiring a DJ, there’s a lot of room for input. Even if you’re not a big fan of music, you can have listen to their playlist beforehand, and tweaks and adjustments can be made. While wedding bands and entertainers are rigid and mostly stick to their act, DJs are more open to your input and suggestions.

You can have a personalized wedding with your favorite songs being played. You can have that song played which was playing on your first date or the first time you met each other. You can have tribute songs played for each other and your loved ones. Your family members can also dedicate songs to you. In short, DJs can execute all your personalized requests easily to make your ceremony memorable and to give it a sentimental touch.

Affordable Entertainment

Wedding DJs provide complete entertainment and they are affordable. Another great option we recommend for your wedding is hiring a mobile bar from Need a Bar. That will most certainly get the guests up and dancing! Even the best DJ in the business would not cost you as much as a live act would. If you think you are a perfectionist and would like only your chosen songs to be played, you can instruct the DJ not to take any request unless you approve of it. In short, wedding DJs are the ideal choice for having complete entertainment at your wedding.