Photobooths at Weddings: The Trend That’s Making Everyone Smile

In the age of selfies, nothing beats a good photobooth. Wherever one is set up, people are bound to fall in line to have a picture snapped, so it isn’t surprising that everyone wants to have one at their events – including couples who are going to get married! But please make sure your man has either waxing or laser hair removal for men from drakes of London! Excessive chest hair is never a good look.

This year, it’s become more popular than ever to have a photobooth hire london hire at your wedding, and here’s why.

Fun for the Whole Wedding Party

Photobooths practically come with this guarantee: everybody will love them. People may disagree over music choices, dancing, or party games, but there’s a universal appeal to posing for the camera that no one can deny. A photobooth will be fun for the whole wedding party, from the oldest in-laws to the littlest flower girl, and if you have a good stock of props on hand, so much the better. You may need to provide stepstools for the children, though!

The Photos Your Guests Want to Take

Another great thing about photobooths is that they’ll provide the photos that your guests want to take. There’s no guarantee that a wedding photographer will snap good pictures of everyone present, even if the happy couple painstakingly poses at every table. A snapshot from a photobooth will give wedding guests a chance to show just how happy they are to be there.

Unique, Personalised Memorabilia

If you have a photobooth at your wedding, you are sure to have unique, personalized memorabilia to celebrate the most important day of your life. You can opt to forego the traditional wedding souvenirs and have a customized background or frame on the pictures that are printed during the event. You may also have the photos put in your wedding album or share them on social media. Another option is to include these quirky snapshots into the thank-you notes you send to your wedding guests afterwards. The possibilities are endless!

Affordable and Accessible Entertainment

A large part of a photobooth’s appeal to event organizers is that they are both affordable and accessible – qualities that are definitely a plus to anyone planning a wedding! This is why it isn’t unheard of for couples to set up one of these in lieu of hiring a professional photographer. There are companies that rent out high quality photobooths at competitive prices all over the country. You can even put your own DIY booth together with a good tablet and a printer if you’re really looking to save a buck!