Get Fit For Your Wedding Day With A Home Elliptical

Many things come to mind when planning a wedding: the church, the reception, the food, the entertainment, the photographer, the videographer, the invitations, the number of guests, etc. Probably the most crucial of all is the bridal gown. And why not? The gown is what everyone will see you wear on the big day. It is what will be etched in everyone’s memory, even yours, because of the photos that will be taken and posted in social media. Of course, it is ideal for you to fit the gown, but what if the dream gown is a tad too tight? Could you stand to lose a few pounds just so your dream gown will fit you? An added plus will be your improved appearance as you walk down the aisle.

The first part in this path to looking good on your wedding day will be diet. Once you have that settled, now comes the exercise. As you know, exercise will firm up those muscles and help you lose weight.

In choosing the perfect fitness regimen for you, try considering using an elliptical machine at home. For one, this is a good investment for your long-term health and fitness, because it is assumed you will continue this routine even after the big day.

Second, if you compare this to a treadmill, the elliptical trainer not only targets the quads, hamstrings, and calves, but also the arms and back, especially when you use the handlebars in your workout and maximize the use of this exercise machine.


Third, you can burn off more calories with the elliptical trainer than the treadmill because you can adjust the stride length or incline — and even handle resistance — to intensify your workout.


Fourth, the elliptical trainer does not negatively impact the knees or put you at risk of a knee injury. A bit of trivia: The elliptical trainer was designed to mimic the motion of a person running, without having to actually run.


Fitness instructors recommend that to maximize your workout using the home elliptical machine, you have to use a variety of exercises or movements aside from increasing intensity. Start with a slow, five-minute warm-up on the elliptical trainer. The next is up to you. The Internet offers suggested routines or sets you can do to exercise specific muscle groups. The important thing is to exercise at your pace, then go harder. Of course, do not forget the cooldown after your workout to lower the heart rate and lessen health risks.


The elliptical trainer is often overlooked as a total workout machine, when in fact it improves upper and lower body muscle endurance, cardiovascular health, and core fitness — all in one machine!