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A perfect wedding checklist for you and your partner

Your wedding is just around the corner and there are so many things that you need to keep in mind to make this grand day a success. This is the most exciting time of your life and staying organised is key. What better time to create checklist?

Setting a wedding budget

You always need to set a wedding budget before you venture out to buy things for the celebration, even before you’ve bought your Berganza jewellery. If need to decide on the time and the venue when you would get married, the things that would require for decorating the wedding, you need to figure out how much you can spend. You can check out a sample wedding budget checklist from online to get a brief idea on where to begin.

Compile your favorite wedding ideas

Here are some of the most important checklists to consider.

  • Choose a perfect date and venue for the wedding
  • Hire the perfect bar for your wedding:
  • You would need a good barman, great alcohol and quality Co2 gas Cylinders for your beer
  • Your venue of choice is fully stocked by Twelve By Seventy Five
  • Decide on the budget
  • Create a wedding website
  • Browse wedding dresses and styles
  • Choose bridal party attires
  • Refine your guest list and book hotels
  • Explore wedding day styles and makeup
  • Choose flowers
  • Finalize honeymoon plans and Algarve boat trips
  • Mail wedding invitations
  • Confirm with the vendors just before the wedding

If you want a perfect wedding celebration you can contact Capitall Marquees in Essex who runs an expert service in providing the necessities for your big day.


Finding Reliable Wedding Suppliers


It is impossible for the bride and groom to organize everything when it comes to the wedding and some things ought to be left to the professionals. Of course, this does not mean that the happy couple shouldn’t do absolutely anything and leave it all in the hands of other people, but they should do as little as possible – after all, the wedding is their day, and they shouldn’t have to spend it worrying about the food, drinks, etc. They ought to hire wedding suppliers for that. Plus you’re going to need reliable transport, so go with a reliable business such as Mayday travel they offer minibus hire in Croydon. We’ve had nothing but good reviews from these guys.

However, not every wedding supplier is good, and just like with any other field of work in life, some of the people that work in it are good, while some are bad. You need to make sure and get a good one, and here is what you ought to do in order to make that happen. A perfect example of a reliable service you’re going to need before your wedding, contact Silky Smooth Beauty offering waxing in bond street plus much much more.

Listen to the Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can help you a lot, and especially when you listen to people that have had the actual experiences with the wedding suppliers. Talk to as many as you can, and ask them all about their wedding suppliers – did they like them or not, why didn’t they like them, what is it about them that had impressed them, etc. This will give you a general picture of what a great wedding supplier ought to look and what it should never do. This might even help you find a wedding supplier for your big day on the spot; of course, only if you hear overwhelmingly positive things about them.

Look Online

The internet is a great place to look for wedding suppliers; in fact, it is a great place to look for anything. There, you can find numerous internet forums on which people discuss the wedding suppliers and exchange their experiences with them. Try reading a couple of forum threads that deal with this issue, and you ought to pretty much know which wedding suppliers are great – the ones whose name is mentioned the most in a positive way. Also, there are numerous wedding blogs out there; try reading a couple of them and see what the expert say on the matter.

The Wedding Guide

Start listing the wedding magazines; they should really tell you a lot about this topic. It doesn’t really matter is the magazine comes to you in an electronic or a paper form, you should start exploring them to find out more about the wedding suppliers and see which of them are the best. The Wedding Guide is perhaps the best one out there, but you can go ahead and start reading whichever one you prefer.

These advices should allow you to identify which are some of the qualities that a wedding supplier ought to have in order to be good enough to be hired for your wedding. Also, apart from identifying the qualities, you can also use these advices to find a great wedding supplier and get them to work on your wedding, which should allow you not to worry about a single thing there and enjoy your special day.

Photobooths at Weddings: The Trend That’s Making Everyone Smile

In the age of selfies, nothing beats a good photobooth. Wherever one is set up, people are bound to fall in line to have a picture snapped, so it isn’t surprising that everyone wants to have one at their events – including couples who are going to get married! But please make sure your man has either waxing or laser hair removal for men from drakes of London! Excessive chest hair is never a good look.

This year, it’s become more popular than ever to have a photobooth hire london hire at your wedding, and here’s why.

Fun for the Whole Wedding Party

Photobooths practically come with this guarantee: everybody will love them. People may disagree over music choices, dancing, or party games, but there’s a universal appeal to posing for the camera that no one can deny. A photobooth will be fun for the whole wedding party, from the oldest in-laws to the littlest flower girl, and if you have a good stock of props on hand, so much the better. You may need to provide stepstools for the children, though!

The Photos Your Guests Want to Take

Another great thing about photobooths is that they’ll provide the photos that your guests want to take. There’s no guarantee that a wedding photographer will snap good pictures of everyone present, even if the happy couple painstakingly poses at every table. A snapshot from a photobooth will give wedding guests a chance to show just how happy they are to be there.

Unique, Personalised Memorabilia

If you have a photobooth at your wedding, you are sure to have unique, personalized memorabilia to celebrate the most important day of your life. You can opt to forego the traditional wedding souvenirs and have a customized background or frame on the pictures that are printed during the event. You may also have the photos put in your wedding album or share them on social media. Another option is to include these quirky snapshots into the thank-you notes you send to your wedding guests afterwards. The possibilities are endless!

Affordable and Accessible Entertainment

A large part of a photobooth’s appeal to event organizers is that they are both affordable and accessible – qualities that are definitely a plus to anyone planning a wedding! This is why it isn’t unheard of for couples to set up one of these in lieu of hiring a professional photographer. There are companies that rent out high quality photobooths at competitive prices all over the country. You can even put your own DIY booth together with a good tablet and a printer if you’re really looking to save a buck!

The Way To Your Wedding Guests’ Hearts Is Through Their Stomach

Celebrations are not complete without sumptuous meals to feast on. That being said, weddings menus should not be taken lightly, it’s not enough that your guests’ stomach are full, it’s also important that they are pleased and satisfied with what they were served. Make sure you hire only the best wedding caterers, Ideal Party, for your wedding to ensure your guests are very happy with the food quality and service.

When that happens, you’ll have people talking about how great your wedding is, not just the ceremony itself but with the reception too, even after how many months have passed. So if you’re done planning on how to feed their eyes with a heart-warming wedding rite and beautiful scenery, time to shift your gears on the menu.

However, there are times where you become too obsessed with Pinterest wedding menus that you forget that it isn’t all about pretty food pictures, what really matters is the dining experience of your guests.

Since catering will eat a sizable portion of your budget, make sure that everybody’s happy with what you’re putting on the table and not serving these following dishes.

Complicated Food

Aside from the amount of time that it will take for the caterers to get them done, you also have to consider the fact that you’re guest may not love it if the have to fuss over their food before they can actually eat them. Or that having to ask the chef about every ingredient because no one can recognize the dish isn’t exactly appetizing. It’s a wedding, not The Most Out-Of-This-World Food Showdown.

Eight Course Meals

Trying to impress everyone with an eight course meal is probably not a good way to go either. Keep in mind that guest will want to get up, enjoy, catch up with other guests and experience the entire wedding. Keeping them all glued to their chair trying to down all those food will stop them from doing those. A three course meal would be a better idea.

Raw Dishes

Now isn’t the time to show off your unique inclination to raw foods. You might really be passionate about its health benefits but remember that you’re not the only one eating. You have a guest list which majority of them is possibly a lot more into cooked foods.

The Usual

Just because you don’t want to cause any food related problem, doesn’t mean you have to stick with the staple wedding menu. You can still include some fun dishes that your guest may have just tasted for the first time. Or do your own version of some typical dishes to add a twist to their dining experience.

Meat All The Way

You’re only gonna be married once, so you want to make your menu special. We have this notion that special meals consist only of meat, however, a straight meat menu is likely to leave a bad taste into people’s mouth. Your wedding can still be special even if you maintain a nice variety of dishes to serve your guests. Inject some fish, chicken and vegetable dishes into it to accommodate most people possible, especially those who are trying to avoid meat.