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Break the Ice with a Wedding Magician

The wedding reception is one of the most awaited moments in the wedding because this is the time when everyone can celebrate with their friends and family. In addition, the reception is when the guests make wonderful memories.

Entertainment is always a part of every reception which usually includes a disk jockey, a wedding singer, or a live band in order to please the guests. However, these days, many couples are starting to find more creative ways to break away from the traditional and typical wedding reception to provide a more exciting, adventurous, and fun reception.

If you are considering hiring a wedding magician, Nick Crown but still not convinced about the entire idea, check out the list of reasons why having a magician on your wedding could be one of the best decisions you’d do in your life.

Breaking the Ice

A wedding is a great time for close friends, family, colleagues and old friends to get together; but for them to sit on the same table can sometimes be a little awkward. By having a wedding magician, the guests will be introduced to one another and have fun while watching a magic act. While the couples are busy mingling with other guests, the magician can get the others involved and interact with one another.

Keeping the Guests Entertained

Another reason why a magician is great to have in your wedding reception is that he’ll do a great job of entertaining your guests, which is essential to keep the guests from getting bored throughout the event. Most of the time, the job of a disc jockey or a live band is very limited, especially when it comes to interacting with the guests; but a wedding magician can get the guests to be involved with every magic trick that he is going to perform.

In addition, not everyone is interested in dancing and even when the party starts to roll, not all the guests will be involved anyway. There will always be elder relatives or visitors who are not into dancing who’d rather stay away from the dance floor and relax by the bar or just talk to their friends. A wedding magician will make it a point that no guest is left out.

The Element of Surprise

If you want your wedding to be the talk of the town, hiring a magician will definitely do the trick. Since having a magician on weddings is still new to some, people would not expect a magician in your wedding, so aside from the fact that they will be surprised by the routines and tricks that will be performed, they will be very pleased to experience something different.

Since a wedding celebration brings friends, family, and the young and the old generations together, it is important to note that you need to choose a wedding magician who can entertain all ages. He should be likeable to both kids and the grown-ups in order to guarantee that every magic act is enjoyable and successful.

The Way To Your Wedding Guests’ Hearts Is Through Their Stomach

Celebrations are not complete without sumptuous meals to feast on. That being said, weddings menus should not be taken lightly, it’s not enough that your guests’ stomach are full, it’s also important that they are pleased and satisfied with what they were served. Make sure you hire only the best wedding caterers, Ideal Party, for your wedding to ensure your guests are very happy with the food quality and service.

When that happens, you’ll have people talking about how great your wedding is, not just the ceremony itself but with the reception too, even after how many months have passed. So if you’re done planning on how to feed their eyes with a heart-warming wedding rite and beautiful scenery, time to shift your gears on the menu.

However, there are times where you become too obsessed with Pinterest wedding menus that you forget that it isn’t all about pretty food pictures, what really matters is the dining experience of your guests.

Since catering will eat a sizable portion of your budget, make sure that everybody’s happy with what you’re putting on the table and not serving these following dishes.

Complicated Food

Aside from the amount of time that it will take for the caterers to get them done, you also have to consider the fact that you’re guest may not love it if the have to fuss over their food before they can actually eat them. Or that having to ask the chef about every ingredient because no one can recognize the dish isn’t exactly appetizing. It’s a wedding, not The Most Out-Of-This-World Food Showdown.

Eight Course Meals

Trying to impress everyone with an eight course meal is probably not a good way to go either. Keep in mind that guest will want to get up, enjoy, catch up with other guests and experience the entire wedding. Keeping them all glued to their chair trying to down all those food will stop them from doing those. A three course meal would be a better idea.

Raw Dishes

Now isn’t the time to show off your unique inclination to raw foods. You might really be passionate about its health benefits but remember that you’re not the only one eating. You have a guest list which majority of them is possibly a lot more into cooked foods.

The Usual

Just because you don’t want to cause any food related problem, doesn’t mean you have to stick with the staple wedding menu. You can still include some fun dishes that your guest may have just tasted for the first time. Or do your own version of some typical dishes to add a twist to their dining experience.

Meat All The Way

You’re only gonna be married once, so you want to make your menu special. We have this notion that special meals consist only of meat, however, a straight meat menu is likely to leave a bad taste into people’s mouth. Your wedding can still be special even if you maintain a nice variety of dishes to serve your guests. Inject some fish, chicken and vegetable dishes into it to accommodate most people possible, especially those who are trying to avoid meat.